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As an industry expert, Akuton is spread across several industries and works closely with its client to provide them with the best possible solution for their business and projects. Our key focus is the quality of service we offer to build trust and a long term business relationship with our clients.

It doesn’t matter what size your company is, we will aid in your company’s growth and land you more customers in a competitive workspace,  with impactful products thats is of importance to the market.

Travel & Hospitality

e-Solutions for Tourism Sector

Let us develop an app for you that will help you provide your guests with more comfort. Your guests will be able to book, review, or even get an outlook of your services and get notified with the latest updates about your organization. You can even have your app customized according to your requirements. Our experts will develop and design your travel websites and mobile app to help you attract customers for your business.


e-Solutions for Insurance Sector

Transform and thrive your business with a branded insurance app that will match your customers’ increasing expectations. You will be able to maintain valuable policyholders, analyze new sales opportunities, and even predict and optimize the client requirements using data and analytics. The advancement of technology will help you ensure your relationship with the clients. The app can empower your employees so that they can be more productive keeping them from repetitive tasks that can be automated with the help of an app.


e-Solutions for Healthcare sector

Depending upon the need of the patients, we will ensure that every aspect of your institution or healthcare center is covered to ensure that the patients experience no difficulty coming to you. Our team will develop software for you that will allow you to store data and your patients to navigate as well as schedule appointments with ease. The barriers between you and your patient can be minimized through software.


e-Solutions for Education Sector

With fast-developing technologies, time is the most valuable thing nowadays. Here at Akuton solutions, we will develop an app for you to build digital publishing platforms for students and researchers for easy publication of their findings, create a learning management system to control all the incoming and outgoing mass of learners and teachers, and also to develop social publishing and e-learning platforms for easily accessible learning material for new learners to help them learn multiple courses at a time. Students will be easily able to learn their course syllabus by the touch of a button. All their subjects listed with all their notes provided so that they can learn without any hindrance.


e-Solutions Farming & Agriculture

Optimizing crops production, balancing supplies, boosting revenue, and collaborating through your mobile phone, all a single touch away from you. Akuton solutions will develop an innovative app for you to control all your processes and provide you with easy access to everything you need. This can help you provide an insight into your line of work and help predict the future milestones that you need to achieve.


e-Solutions e-Commerce Shopping

Markets are fast transforming from physical to digital due to the advancement of technology and the limited time availability of customers. Let us help you digitalize your business to create an easily accessible and operable comprehensive platform for your customers to keep them engaged with your business and improve your business operations alongside. Additionally, an app can also make it easier to navigate through the rises and falls in a market. Stocks are going up and down constantly and an app that can keep you informed can help a lot.              


e-Solution for Resturants

Size and level of production do not matter as long as you keep up with the advancing e-market and hand available options for your customers. Take your business to the next level by digitalizing the menus, ease of ordering for customers, bookings, feedbacks, deliveries, and anything else that you might think of. Akuton solutions will automate your processes to generate a better platform for you as well as for your customers to interact with your business. Waiters can take orders on an app on their phone which directly delivers the orders to the kitchen without creating a fuss. An app can make your life easy.

Church & Ministries

e-Solutions Church Ministries

Churches and Ministries have managerial and administrative challenges to deal with. Managing your activities and getting information out to the public can become cumbersome or as we offen call it information overload. There's a lot of information you would like to make your members awared of. A well design website can serve to notify your members of upcoming activties, upcoming events and notices just to name a few. Need to add donation to your website no issues, we will provide you with the best and affordable Processing Gateway system to accept and process your donation payments. Lets start the converation

Non-Profit Organization

e-Solutions Non-Profit Entities

Work with a company that has the Experience And Expertise In Developing Websites For Non-Profit organization. Improved your User Experience. Our Qualified Team Members have Years of Experience to providing such services. Tell your story of who and what your charity is about. Whether your Charity is about water works to bring clean water to people in developing countries, Wildlife reabilitation, Humanitarianism the lists goes on. Tell the world your story and your cause. We will provide you with the best and affordable Processing Gateway system to accept and process your donation payments.

Why Choose Akuton?

Akuton as a UI/UX company in that makes designs dependent on broad user research so they finally look being stylishly engaging and profoundly valuable too.

Talented Team

Our team contains talented UX/UI designs experts with extensive experience in designing remarkable solutions for assorted prerequisites.

Creative Designs

Our emphasis is on making the most astounding designs in the least time range and at ideal expenses. We focus on versatility in the design solutions from making excellent website architectures to dynamic mobile application designs, and branding solutions.

On-time Delivery

We focus on delivering each project on time and giving users an enhanced experience. We value the time of our client and their users too.

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  • A response via email or phone call within 1-2 business days
  • A comprehensive cost-estimate for your project
  • Ideas and strategies on how you can improve your project

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