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Space Design System

Role & Duration
Ui/UX Designer | Akuton Solutions
Create the morden and stand out his competitor visual design & testing

  • Built for Website
  • Technology ASP.Net
  • Industry Travel
  • Country Dubai


  • Need of home page concept that realizes full enterprise look and feel; but doesn't make them look cold. Energetic and professional. CLEAN. SIMPLIFIED. MODERN.
  • Sites they love: (this is the "modern" they love); (this is the enterprise feel I want for them); . I like for energy and uniqueness. This also has a great feel witout the use of photos, etc.
  • looking for light background for the most part - leadfeeder does a great job mixing it up
  • do NOT use junk/cheap graphics: see this site and look at head banner for example of bad graphic use: (illustrations can be great, but not from a photo gallery)
  • do use custom graphics where appropriate; and icons which can be great; just keep it simple and modern
    have some balance and organization, and keep the design simple and up to date like other SaaS software providers like ( LOVE THE FONTS ON THIS SITE AS WELL)
  • Use that content and if you have questions, please please ask. Also, use your imagination on how to design that content; don't just copy and paste.. add some style, graphics, squares, circles, whatever to make the content pop and look awesome.

The Problem

Client need the clean web page as other sofware companies and they don’t want to do NOT use junk/cheap graphics. He would like to highlight his services and Easy to fill the request quote form and He like to make the platform consistent, intuitive and delightful.


of the clients say his service information looks obsolete.


of say website look very old fashion


1. A Design System

The primary solution was to come up with a design system that was guided by principles and best practices. Also, to keep with documented at each step to ensure consistency and efficiency of work.

2. Personalization

To solve the problem of complexity it was important to eliminate any unnecessary elements. To achieve that the platform was made persona specific.


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