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When a group of strategists, developers, dreamers, and perfectionists came together, Akuton was born. The purpose of this company is to provide its customers with excellent and beautiful software and apps. Akuton being a leader in its game, our goal is to bring a transformation in digital facilities and solutions all over the world. We have more than a decade of experience in the IT world working with all kinds of organizations large or small. We are determined to make your life easier with the innovative and advanced technical solutions. Akuton can be your partner in solving all your digital problems, as well. We share our vision with our employees. That is the reason they are a hardworking and persistent group of individuals hellbent on the success of Akuton. They completely realize that their achievement and accomplishments mean the success of their organization, Akuton!

Akuton stands tall on these 6 pillars



As a team, we work with the same vision to develop and deliver the best



Our passion includes delivering top quality work and high performance



Strictly follow the process to complete the work is the objective of our team



Practice to work efficiently and follow due process in every project according to project requirements



Determination to work passionately, follow processes and focus on delivering perfection



Patience is the key to our success. We believe in Holding the Line to achieve each project goal

Leadership Team

"Vision without action is merely a dream, Action without vision passes the time, Combine both and You can do anything"

Dwight McMorris

Business Consultant, Regional Lead

We value our client's business and measure our success based on their success. As technology continues to improve, it is imperative to keep with this changing technology, and that is why Akuton exists. The required success of digital transformation greatly depends on vision, culture, and collaboration with people. However, understanding the culture and mindset of you our customer, we are minded that it's a crucial factor for your business to succeed in such a digital transformation. At Akuton, our goal is to help companies and businesses such as yourself with the knowledge needed to be successful. Our professional expertise sets us apart from leading and organizing digital transformation which is important for you to succeed in your industry.

Dwight McMorris

Business Consultant, Regional Lead

Julia Logan

Director Sales & Marketing, USA

At Akuton our goal is to improve your business processes using automation. We provide exclusive search and interim on the latest technologies to improve your business and ensure that you have subject matter experts to deploy Agile and emerging digital technologies. Our work experience has drawn a global community of experts which contribute and refer to information resources across the globe ensuring we have all the latest tech trend at hand working with. Also, we are in the best position to connect you to the resources you need. Our team works collaboratively and in partnership with our clients in building talent pools; This helps to provide innovative solutions to the marketplace. We offer efficient, quick and accurate solutions dedicated to offering successful results for our customer’s digital transformation initiatives.

Julia Logan

Director Sales & Marketing, USA

What we do

Akuton as a UI/UX company makes designs dependent on broad user research so they finally look being stylishly engaging and profoundly valuable too. We focus on versatility in the design solutions from making excellent website architectures to dynamic mobile application designs, and branding solutions.

Talented Team

Our team contains talented UX/UI designs experts with extensive experience in designing remarkable solutions for assorted prerequisites.

Creative Designs

Our emphasis is on making the most astounding designs in the least time range and at ideal expenses.

On-time Delivery

We focus on delivering each project on time and giving users an enhanced experience. We value the time of our client and their users too.

Methods & Practices

Vision without action is nothing, so we have made a step by step method that sees eye to eye with our vision and all of our employees keep it in practice. Basically, our method consists of 4 steps, you can go through how we manage to perform our tasks in the overview section.

Passion & Patience

In order to be good at something, you have to passional at about it. We at Akuton are highly passionate people when it comes to our work. That is why we are able to achieve an exceptional level of high performance and quality that can’t be achieved if a company is lacking in passion. But to be accomplished and successful, patience is also crucial, also and we have learned that with years of experience.

Sheer Determination

The saying is, if you are determined, no one can stop you. Our team follows the methods and practice with passion and patience to achieve perfection in their work. If that is not determination, then what is it? That is only possible with a determined mind and persistence to be at the top.

What you will get

  • A response via email or phone call within 1-2 business days
  • A comprehensive cost-estimate for your project
  • Ideas and strategies on how you can improve your project

Our office is located USA and JAMAICA

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